Kati Outinen

Kati Outinen

Anna Katriina Outinen (b.1961) started in live theatre, but she's been playing in films since 1980. Her career started with an excellent film, albeit rather unknown in the Czech Republic - Täältä tullaan, elämä! (Here We Go, Life!) by Tapio Suominen, where she plays a young rebel who is planning an escape from home with her boyfriend. She has gained further fame thanks to Aki Kaurismäki's films. The films they have collaborated on include Hamlet Goes Business, The Match Factory Girl, Take Care of Your Scar, Tatiana, and many others. Her role in The Man Without a Past earned her the award for Best Actress in Cannes. She appeared in Kaurismäki's latest film, Le Havre (2011), but also, for example, in a thriller called Sauna.

Kati Outinen joined Czech cinema by playing a role in Viktor Taus' Clownwise. She was nominated for the Czech Lion for Best Supporting Actress. Febiofest will introduce the actress, not only in her earlier films, but also as the star of the new Czech-Finnish coproduction, August Fools (2014). This romantic comedy, set in Helsinki in 1962, tells the story of a newly awakened love between Elsa and a jazzman from the Czech Republic, Jan (Miroslav Etzler), whom Elsa thought was already dead. While the world is frozen in the Cold War, the Finnish metropolis lives with the World Youth Festival, which is accompanied by the enthusiasm of the leftist citizens and grimaces of the others, and supported by the visit of Gagarin himself. Jan is also sent by the comrades from Prague behind the iron curtain to promote socialist culture, but he loves jazz and all about it rather than socialism.


 “We are genuinely happy about Kati Outinen's visit to the festival! The tribute, which will include several of her films, will very nicely complement the section of Lights of the North,” says Hana Cielova, Febiofest's program director. “This lady perfected Kaursimäki's 'pokerface' style of acting,” adds Stefan Uhrik, Febiofest's program director.

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