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Please, note: Febiofest, as a viewer-oriented festival, provides neither press nor industry passes. We provide a full information service, including daily press conferences and press screenings (that are open to every journalist with a valid press card), but for the general film program journalists require the same tickets as does the general public.

All materials are free for any kind of press use related to the festival. Pictures need to be copyrighted IFF Prague - Febiofest (if not specified otherwise).

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Press releases
61_53171589b980d_tz_febiofest_released_full_program_en.doc (DOC - 31 kB)
154_5347df4457a4a_tz___febiofest_2014_attracted_61500_visitors_and_is_heading_to_the_regions_en.doc (DOC - 100.5 kB)
155_5347df65e78ec_tz_grand_prix_iff_prague___febiofest_2014_en.doc (DOC - 92 kB)
Febiofest 2014 will open with films by Jarmusch and Wajda. The festival's pride are films with 13 Oscar nominations and guests such as Sylvain Chomet and Isaach de Bankolé (24/02/2014) (DOC - 49.5 kB)
Press conferences and screenings schedule Febiofest 2014 (DOC - 98 kB)
Press Release - Shoot a film on a mobile and win in competition with Febiofest (DOC - 311 kB)
Press Release: Barbora Bobuľová, a Slovak beauty, is the first announced star of this year's Febiofest. The Lights of the North will shine in the main program – Febiofest has prepared a special Scandinavian section. 23th January (DOC - 1.42 MB)
Press Release: Febiofest will screen a captivating Finnish drama. In advance and for free (DOC - 29 kB)
The 21st Febiofest is here! It will award 3 Kristians; welcome 48 guests and award the European Grand Prix (DOC - 55.5 kB)
The chairman of the Febiofest 2014 jury will be Theodor Pistek. Actress Kati Outinen is coming to the festival. (DOC - 34.5 kB)
Film stills
76_53183325d609f_marina_stills_all_000033.jpg (JPG - 1.23 MB)
A Very Unsettled Summer (JPG - 7.22 MB)
Attila Marcel (JPG - 3.52 MB)
Attila Marcel (JPEG - 4.83 MB)
August Fools (starring Kati Outinen) (JPG - 97.34 kB)
Chasing the Wind (JPG - 7.85 MB)
Cold Bloom (JPEG - 2.26 MB)
Comrade Kim Goes Flying (JPG - 2.18 MB)
Désorder (JPG - 6.84 MB)
Désorder (JPG - 6.36 MB)
Dom Hemingway (JPG - 115.52 kB)
Dom Hemingway (JPG - 168.09 kB)
Encierro 3D (JPG - 2.52 MB)
Enough Said (JPG - 212.58 kB)
Enough Said (JPG - 144.55 kB)
Free Fall (JPG - 1.74 MB)
Free Fall (JPG - 1.85 MB)
Gerontophilia (JPG - 4.66 MB)
Invisible Woman (JPG - 4.29 MB)
Invisible Woman (JPG - 3.81 MB)
Invisible Woman (JPG - 2.32 MB)
Life Feels Good (JPG - 1.12 MB)
Life Feels Good (JPG - 848.49 kB)
Life Is Easy With Eyes Closed (JPG - 2.55 MB)
Metalhead (JPG - 3.93 MB)
Mother of George (JPG - 6.93 MB)
On The Road (JPG - 14.04 MB)
Only Lovers Left Alive (JPG - 277.6 kB)
Only Lovers Left Alive (JPG - 13.23 MB)
Princess of Egypt (JPG - 9.94 MB)
Princess of Egypt (JPG - 10.82 MB)
Stalingrad 3D (JPG - 962.07 kB)
Stranger by the Lake (JPG - 1.83 MB)
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (JPG - 271.61 kB)
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (JPG - 211.14 kB)
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (JPG - 383.69 kB)
To See The Sea (TIF - 902.98 kB)
To See The Sea (TIF - 898.92 kB)
Triplette de Belleville (PNG - 2.73 MB)
Velvet Terrorists (JPG - 227.11 kB)
Venus in Fur (JPG - 122.5 kB)
Venus in Fur (JPG - 177.74 kB)
Wajda: A Man of Hope (JPEG - 3.11 MB)
Wajda: A Man of Hope (JPEG - 1.27 MB)
Yves Saint Laurent (JPG - 1.05 MB)
Yves Saint Laurent (JPG - 1.05 MB)
Festival poster and logo
Festival logo (JPG - 23.51 kB)
Festival logo (.eps) (EPS - 617.11 kB)
Festival logo (.pdf) (PDF - 304.06 kB)
Festival poster (JPG - 385.46 kB)
Festival Trailer (MP4 - 19.91 MB)
Photos from the festival
145_5338728228010_04.jpg (JPG - 7.07 MB)
139_53386c09e5318_08.jpg (JPG - 6.61 MB)
151_5338a4813ee32_07.jpg (JPG - 5.48 MB)
141_53386cc1c0e5c_06.jpg (JPG - 9.4 MB)
142_53386ce38277d_03.jpg (JPG - 6.06 MB)
143_53386f5b61a88_47.jpg (JPG - 9.88 MB)
144_53386fd284d8d_48.jpg (JPG - 8.21 MB)
Cameraman of the movie Heroin Thijs Gloger (JPG - 391.94 kB)
Christening of the poster, foto: Václav Jedlička, Febiofest (JPG - 5.57 MB)
Dieter Kosslick with Kristián. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 3.24 MB)
Director Bård Breien and Svein André Hofsø Myhre. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 5.11 MB)
Director of 3D movie Bull Running in Pamplona Olivier van der Zee (JPG - 4.28 MB)
Director Simon Lavoie on Febiofest (JPG - 11.78 MB)
Director Srdan Golubovic. Photo: Jan Langer (JPG - 8.78 MB)
Febiofest dramaturgist Mira Haviarova received Poland’s Bene Merito honorary distinction (JPG - 8.54 MB)
Fero Fenič (IFF Prague - Febiofest) and Andrea Saláková (Club of Cystic Fibrosis Patients) (JPG - 3.66 MB)
Fero Fenič opens the festival and receives congratulations (JPG - 6.75 MB)
Fero Fenič with poster of the festival, photo: Václav Jedlička, Febiofest (JPG - 4.63 MB)
Festival Opening Ceremony. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 7.9 MB)
Hana Cielová, photo: Václav Jedlička, Febiofest (JPG - 7.16 MB)
Isaach de Bankole received a Kristian for his contribution to World Cinema. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 4.95 MB)
Jiří Mádl before introduction of his movie To See the Sea (JPG - 5.94 MB)
Jury of the festival (JPG - 4.7 MB)
Maciej Pieprzyca. Photo: Václav Jedlička, Febiofest (JPG - 6.34 MB)
Main Press Conference - Fero Fenič (JPG - 6.27 MB)
Main Press Conference - Fero Fenič and Hana Cielová (JPG - 7.31 MB)
Musicfest - group DeFuckTo. Photo: Václav Jedlička, Febiofest (JPG - 1.16 MB)
Polish actor Robert Wieckiewicz received the Cristian award for the director Andrzej Wajda (JPG - 8.74 MB)
President of the festival Fero Fenic and Polish actor Robert Wieckiewicz with the Cristian award (JPG - 6.73 MB)
Press conference - Barbora Bobuľová. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 7.66 MB)
Press conference Dieter Kosslick. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 5.55 MB)
Press conference for the movie Velvet Terrorists. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 4.58 MB)
Press conference with Isaach de Bankolé. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 5.65 MB)
Press Conference with Winner of Grand Prix Maximilian Hult. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 8.38 MB)
Start of the ticket sale (JPG - 2.2 MB)
Štefan Uhrík, program director (press conference January 23rd) - photo: Václav Jedlička, Febiofest (JPG - 7.09 MB)
Winner of the Grand Prix Febiofest Maximilian Hult. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 4.52 MB)
Guests of the festival - portraits
108_532e70afbad3f_iram_haq_2.jpg (JPG - 7.56 MB)
Barbora Bobuľová (foto: Fabio Lovino) (JPG - 1.02 MB)
Barbora Bobuľová (foto: Roberto D'Este) (JPG - 1.33 MB)
Barbora Bobuľová (photo: Fabio Lovino) (JPG - 3.65 MB)
French film director and animator Sylvain Chomet on Febiofest. Photo: Václav Jedlicka (JPG - 4.53 MB)
Isaach de Bankolé. Photo: Václav Jedlička, Febiofest (JPG - 4.19 MB)
Kati Outinen. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 3.95 MB)
Režisér Bard Breien at Švandovo divadlo. Photo: Václav Jedlička (JPG - 4.3 MB)
Theodor Pištěk (JPG - 4.29 MB)
Theodor Pištěk, photo: Václav Jedlička, IFF Prague, Febiofest (JPG - 3.55 MB)
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