As part of its Film Industry section, the Prague International Film Festival – Febiofest is preparing a programme for film professionals focused on the distribution, marketing and promotion of art house films as well, as alternative ways of reaching audiences. One highlight will be a presentation of the work of the Einstein Couple, who are behind the marketing campaigns of the films of Lars von Trier. Panel discussions will address the issues of new forms of distribution, film education in Europe and new kinds of audio-visual content. The main Film Industry programme were held from 25 to 27 March, though a master class with the Einstein Couple is set for 23 March at 6 pm.

Industry 2019

The opening day was devoted to methods of promoting and developing film projects. Isabelle Fauvel from Initiative Film and Keith Potter of Global Catalyst Media will focus on project development in a producer-director tandem. The experts were available throughout the day for individual consultations on selected projects. The day concluded with a panel discussion on minority co-productions in which directors and producers from the New Europe section and representatives of the Czech Film Fund talked about various examples as well as different approaches to coproduction. The producers presented case studies of successful projects.

On the second day Mathias Noschis from the company Alphapanda looked at ways of employing social media campaigns to promote low budget films, from the development phase to the launch of the film. The Eye on Films platform has prepared a VR afternoon focused on the distribution of VR and AR projects and presented successful festival VR projects. During a workshop focused on preparing film professionals for the contemporary international market entitled The Development of Digital Technology the panel discussion had centred on new business models that are having a major impact on film distribution and content management and are key to the development of the European audio-visual industry.

All talks and masterclasses are in English. 

Industry events are only accessible to active film professionals and include panel discussions, case studies, presentations and workshops.

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