Nino Kirtadzé

Nino Kirtadzé photo
Director, actor and journalist

(from 25th till 26th of March 2020)

Born in 1968 in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Nino holds a degree in literature. Her script for a full-length feature film (Monday) won the best script award from the Georgian Union of Cinematographers in 1991. She began her acting career by playing the lead role in a Chef in Love (dir. Nana Djordjadze), which was selected at Cannes in 1996 and nominated for an Oscar. During the troubles of the 1990s in the Caucasus, she worked as a war correspondent for AFP and for AP, covering the war in Chechnya and other armed conflicts in the region. Since 1997, Nino Kirtadze has lived in France. Her last film Don't Breathe (2014) mixes fact and fiction and it had its premiere at Toronto IFF.

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