The Farewell

Picture The Farewell

The Farewell

Original title: The Farewell
Director: Lulu Wang
Cast: Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, Ines Laimins, Jim Liu, X Mayo, Hong Lu
Country: China, United States
Year of production: 2019
Length (min): 98
Language: Mandarin Chinese, English
Subtitles: Czech
Sales: Aerofilms
Section: Girls in Film

When a Chinese family learns that their Nana, or Nai-Nai, has a few weeks left to live, they decide to hide it from her. Granddaughter Billi, who lives in New York, travels to China to see grandma one last time. The family gathering disguised as an impromptu wedding is supposed to transform the sad farewell into a joy of the last moments with Nai-Nai. Billi gets to know her homeland as well as her amazing grandma, but she cannot tell her the most important thing. This dark comedy is based on the director's actual experience.

Lulu Wang

The pianist and director was born in Beijing, grew up in Miami, and studied music and literature in Boston. In 2014, she debuted with Posthumous, focusing on the issue of immigrants. Her second feature The Farewell won an Audience Award at Sundance and a Golden Globe for the Best Actress.

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