Picture Exotica


Original title: Exotica
Director: Atom Egoyan
Cast: Bruce Greenwood, Mia Kirshner, Don McKellar
Country: Canada
Year of production: 1994
Length (min): 103
Language: English, Hebrew
Subtitles: Czech
Sales: Ego Film Arts
Section: Profile: Atom Egoyan

The Exotica erotic nightclub draws in peculiar individuals. On one side, there are girls who get paid for being looked at by people who are strictly prohibited from touching them. On the other side, there's their audience, who pays not only for the view, but also for understanding and feelings. This existential drama examines in the greatest detail the essence of human nature, and complicated interpersonal relationships affected equally by the past, coincidence, and desires.

Atom Egoyan

The director and versatile filmmaker of Armenian origin grew up and studied in Canada. After graduating, he focused on theatre and made several short films. He is one of the most distinguished directors of today and author of many highly-acclaimed films. He has two Oscar nominations and won several awards at Cannes and other major festivals.

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