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In the course of three evenings, on March 16th, 17th and 18th, 2018, you will be able to enjoy films before savouring a special menu complemented by carefully selected wines, inspired by that film and prepared by the well-known chefs Marek Fichtner and Marek Raditsch. They are jurors on the television show MasterChef and rank among our country’s most recognised culinary stars. Your host for the evening will be moderator Jolana Voldánová while you will also be enchanted by live music, with the experience adding to the omnipresent movie atmosphere.

Marek Fichtner
Head chef at the restaurant at the five-star hotel Augustine, he places an emphasis on inventiveness, local ingredients and unusual combinations. One of the jurors on the TV show MasterChef Česko. He has cooked in Switzerland and Demark, on ships in the Caribbean and for the Saudi king. Currently, he is cooking menus entitled Rambles around the French Countryside and Provocateur for guests of the IFF Prague – Febiofest.
Marek Raditsch
Head chef at the three restaurants in the Kampa Group. He has cooked for the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Mick Jagger and President Clinton and is a juror on the television programme MasterChef Česko. His specialisation is modern and healthful cooking, fish and Asian cuisine and he has cooked at the restaurants Pravda, Barock and Braserie Mozart at the Municipal House. He has created the menus Umami and Provocateur menus for guests at the IFF Prague – Febiofest.
Friday March 16, 2018
Paris can wait / Paříž počká
EN: Paris Can Wait (Bonjour Anne, 2016) CZ: Paříž počká Director: Eleonor Coppola USA, 2016, 92 min Anna lives in the shadow of her husband, a successful film producer whose sole interest is his work. But her life takes an unexpected turn when she sets off on a journey from Cannes to Paris with her spouse’s business partner. This comedy road movie is a pilgrimage filled with good food and wine and joie de vivre. Paris Can Wait (Bonjour Anne, 2016) is the debut feature film of Eleonor Coppola, wife of the famous director Francis Ford Coppola, who shot it at the age of 81.

18:00 screening of film

Followed by a dinner based on the menu and fine wine selection Rambles Around the French Countryside at the restuarant Delight at hotel andel’s, where the menu inspired by the film will be presented by Marek Fichtner.

Appetiser Foie Gras, apple, Armagnac, brioche Main course Lamb, lavender, niçoise vegetables Dessert Pear tarte tatin, Tonka beajs, crème fraîche, salted caramel
Saturday March 17, 2018
Michelin stars – tales from the kitchen / Michelinské hvězdy: příběhy z kuchyně
EN: Michelin Stars (Michelin Stars: Tales from the Kitchen, 2017) CZ: Michelinské hvězdy: příběhy z kuchyně Director: Ramus Donesen Denmark, 2017, 82 min Danish documentary director Rasmus Dinesen is returning to the world of Michelin restaurants for the third time. Michelin Stars: Tales from the Kitchen (2017) is a documentary which observes the daily lives of chefs who have become the superstars of today, with all their triumphs and failings. The comprehensive insight shows the stories hidden behind each and every meticulously arranged plate. The film opened this year’s non-competition section of Culinary Cinema at the IFF San Sebastian.

18:00 screening of film

Followed by a dinner based on the menu Provocateur including carefully selected wines at the restuarant Delight at hotel andel’s, where Marek Fichtner and Marek Raditsch will present a joint menu inspired by the film.

First appetiser Marinated beetroot with fennel jelly, buttermilk and rye bread crumb mousse Second appetiser Tiger prawn ravioli with estragon, kefir aioli and orange powder Main course Slowly roasted oxtail, black truffle, cauliflower purée, smoked Jerusalem artichokes, celery Dessert Blackcurrant Kir Royale with champagne jelly and pistachios
Sunday March 18, 2018
Cook up a storm / Bitva kuchařů
EN: Cook Up a Storm (Jue zhan shi shen, 2017) CZ: Bitva kuchařů Director: Wai Man Yip China / Hong Kong, 2017, 97min Sky Ko and Paul Ahn are two talented young chefs with their restaurants on the same street, but they couldn’t be more different. Chinese Sky Ko is famous for his local folk cuisine, while Korean Paul Ahn received three Michelin stars in France. Which of them will win a TV cooking competition? An extraordinary film experience for all Asian cuisine fans.

18:00 screening of film

Followed by dinner at Hotel andel’s, where Marek Raditsch will present his Umami menu complemented by excellent wines with inspired by the film.

Appetiser Salmon tataki with Ponzu sauce, coriander and hot sesame oil Main course Duck breast with Marco Polo sauce, spring onion and shimeji mushrooms Dessert Maracuja ravioli with walnut crocant, exotic fruit and mango sorbet

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