Films from world festivals

The Panorama section introduces a selection of the most interesting films that had their world premieres at some of the prestigious international festivals last year. Whether they are established or new filmmakers, it’s their progressive approach to film production, innovative form and content, and originality that connect them. This year’s pick includes not only the traditional festival star countries such as France and Italy, but also films from other continents. Three films represent South African cinema, but the greatest surprise might be the two films from Iran No date, no signature and the film by Kiarash Anvari The Pot and the Oak. Each of them commenting on the present social situation in the country in their own way.  Do not miss our guests: the French director Thierry Peretti with A Violent Life or Fernando Franco with his drama Dying or the artistic delegation of the film Neptune by Adéla Babanová.

Program will be on-line soon.