Looping: Psych ward love

“It began with the character of Leila. I had somebody similar in one of my shorts and I moved her along further here. On top of that I was involved in intense relationships with two women at the time. It didn’t last long, but it was beautiful. And I spent some time at a psychiatric clinic when I was young. So I put everything together,” said Leonie Krippendorff of her film Looping, the story of three women who form a powerful emotional and erotic bond while in psychiatric care. “Some viewers have told me that it was their story exactly. According to psychotherapists, such relationships between women in psychiatric wards often happen,” the director said.

When a viewer asked the director about the message of Looping during a Q&A, this was her response: “I wanted to communicate how much energy a relationship gives you, how powerful solidarity is in the process of recovery.” The open-ended fate of one of her characters shows, however, that in life not everything can be overcome. “Some kinds of pain are simply too great. It’s interesting that men think that the character has lost a child but all female viewers assume that she was abused in her childhood,” the director said.