Leos Carax master class: Bluff and shoot

The Ponrepo cinema was packed for a debate with Leos Carax. The French director of unorthodox films such as Mauvais Sang, Les Amants du Pont-Neuf and Holy Motors answered questions from the audience, Tomáš Pivoda and Prague IFF – Febiofest program director Anna Kopecká.

“I didn’t attend film school. I learned by watching movies. I would say that anybody can become a filmmaker. But that doesn’t mean that everybody would enjoy it or be good at it. There’s no one single way to learn to direct. You either shoot or you don’t. You either find the money or you don’t,” said Carax. Responding to a question about how to get financing out of producers he said: “Bluff. Tell them that you know what you’re doing and that you believe in yourself.”

The audience also learned that the director plays the accordion (“Badly, but I enjoy it”), that he had a nightmare in Prague (“It’s scared me for the whole day”) and that while he himself often feels like a impostor he admires a number of other directors. “But most of them are dead. These days I don’t go to the cinema much.” At the closing ceremony Leos Carax received a Kristián award, which he dedicated to his daughter.