Holy Motors: The limousine as bubble

Leos Carax, the enfant terrible of French film, appeared in front of Prague IFF – Febiofest viewers for the first time following a screening of Holy Motors. The director told the audience that he enjoys employing the music he loves in his movies. “Usually I use the music that I imagined when I was writing the screenplay. Often this involves songs from my childhood or the 1970s, though in one film all I used was music for cello.” He also discussed his favourite spots in Paris, which frequently appear in his films. “I moved to Paris at 17 and got to know it through long walks.”

The 2012 picture Holy Motors was made following a long break. “A couple of projects didn’t work out and I wanted to make something. Then I asked myself what I was sure of, and that was Paris and Denis Lavant the actor, who I’ve known since he was 20 and who I think can play anything. At the time I saw limousines everywhere and I was curious why people were renting them. I tried to imagine the story of such a car. The limo also represents a kind of bubble. It offers a way to depict the world in which we live,” said the director, who is currently working on a musical.