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The new Panorama section introduces a selection of the most interesting films that had their world premiere at some of the prestigious international festivals last year. Be it established or starting filmmakers, its their progressive approach to film production, innovative form and content and originality which connect them. The section will present new methods and approaches to cinema and the latest happenings in the cinematic field. This year's pick is dominated by films by South American directors, and as many as four film represent todays progressive Argentinian cinema. Films from festivals in Cannes, Locarno, Venice, Toronto and Rotterdam are complemented by one representative of local cinema – a feature experimental film by the visual artist Tomáš Svoboda, Like in a Movie.
A Decent Woman / Los decentes / Počestná žena (Argentina, Austria, South Korea) Director: Lukas Valenta Rinner (Panorama)
Europe, She Loves / Europe, She Loves / Milující se Evropa (Germany, Switzerland) Director: Jan Gassmann (Panorama)
Hermia & Helena / Hermia & Helena / Hermie a Helena (Argentina, USA) Director: Matías Piñeiro (Panorama)
Home / Home / Domov (Belgium) Director: Fien Troch (Panorama)
Kékszakállú / Kékszakállú / Modrovous (Argentina) Director: Gastón Solnicki (Panorama)
Last Land / La última tierra / Poslední země (Chile, Netherlands, Paraguay, Qatar) Director: Pablo Lamar (Panorama)
Like in a Movie / Jako z filmu / Jako z filmu (Czech Republic) Director: Tomáš Svoboda (Panorama)
Marija / Marija / Marija (Germany, Switzerland) Director: Michael Koch (Panorama)
Mister Universo / Mister Universo / Mister Universo (Austria, Italy) Director: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel (Panorama)
Orphan / Orpheline / Sirotek (France) Director: Arnaud des Pallières (Panorama)
Saint George / São Jorge / Sao Jorge (France, Portugal) Director: Marco Martins (Panorama)
Scarred Hearts / Inimi cicatrizate / Zjizvená srdce (Germany, Romania) Director: Radu Jude (Panorama)
The Dreamed Path / Der traumhafte Weg / Cesta snů (Germany) Director: Angela Schanelec (Panorama)
The Eremites / Die Einsiedler / Poustevníci (Austria, Germany, Italy) Director: Ronny Trocker (Panorama)
The Erlprince / Królewicz Olch / Král duchů (Poland) Director: Kuba Czekaj (Panorama)
The Graduation / Le concours / Přijímačky (France) Director: Claire Simon (Panorama)
The Human Surge / El auge del humano / Lidská vlna (Argentina, Brazil, Portugal) Director: Eduardo Williams (Panorama)
Where is Rocky II? / Where is Rocky II? / Pátrání po Rockym II (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy) Director: Pierre Bismuth (Panorama)
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