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Balkan Echoes
Two young men in abandoned bungalows, a gang of teenagers in a deteriorating Olympic stadium, a middle-aged man on a Greek island... Neither the protagonists themselves nor the individual locations are mere artifi cial props or textbook main characters. On the contrary, they are real places and real people. One of Febiofest's classic sections focuses on a region which offers a blend of distinctive humor, quirky music, current social dramas, and still living memories of events and conflicts which left open wounds in local people and even the landscape itself. And everybody deals with them in their own specific way.
Anishoara / Anişoara / Anishoara (Germany, Moldova) Director: Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu (Balkan Echoes)
Dogs / Caini / Psi (Bulgaria, France, Qatar, Romania) Director: Bogdan Mirică (Balkan Echoes)
Illegitimate / Ilegitim / Nezákonný (France, Poland, Romania) Director: Adrian Sitaru (Balkan Echoes)
Park / Park / Park (Greece, Poland) Director: Sofia Exarchou (Balkan Echoes)
Suntan / Suntan / Suntan (Greece) Director: Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Balkan Echoes)
The Black Pin / Igla ispod praga / Černá ovce (Serbia, Montenegro) Director: Ivan Marinović (Balkan Echoes)
The Life of Flowers / Život cvijeća / Život květin (Bosnia, USA) Director: Jimmy Bontatibus (Balkan Echoes)
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