Fanny´s Journey / Le Voyage de Fanny / Fannyina cesta

Movie synopsis: Parents have hidden twelve-year-old Fanny and her younger sisters in an orphanage to protect them from the raging WWII. But it's no longer safe there and the children must attempt an uncertain escape to Switzerland. Fantasy, laughter and friendship become the only weapons against the hostile world. Lola Doillon found inspiration for the war drama viewed through a child's eyes in a true story of a Jewish girl, Fanny Ben-Ami.
Director: Lola Doillon
Cast list: Léonie Souchaud, Fantine Harduin, Juliane Lepoureau, Ryan Brodie, Anaïs Meiringer, Lou Lambrecht, Igor Van Dessel, Malonn Levana, Lucien Khoury, Cécile de France, Stéphane de Groodt, Victor Meutelet, Eléa Körner, Alice d’Hauwe, Anna Tenta, Pascaline Crevecoeu, Julien Vargas, Jérémie Petrus, Pierre Wallon, Bruno Mullenaerts
Screenplay: Anne Peyrègne, Lola Doillon
Director of Photography: Pierre Cottereau, Valérie Deseine
Editor: Miguel Rejas
Music: Sylvain Favre-Bulle, Gisèle Gérard-Tolini
Producer: Saga Blanchard, Marie de Lussigny
Sales: Indie Sales
Country: Belgium, France
Year: 2016
Running time (min.): 94
Presentation format: 2k digital
Language: French
Subtitles: Czech, English
Awards and Nominations:
Hamburg FF 2016 – Michel Award
Guests: Lola Doillon

Fanny´s Journey Fanny´s Journey Fanny´s Journey Fanny´s Journey
with support of
l’Institut français de Prague
l’Institut français de Prague
24.03.2017 / 10:00 Praha |CineStar Praha Anděl, #11, Skupina ČEZ     buy ticket Add to My Program
26.03.2017 / 16:00 Praha |CineStar Praha Anděl, #11, Skupina ČEZ     buy ticket Add to My Program
27.03.2017 / 10:00 Praha |CineStar Praha Anděl, #11, Skupina ČEZ     buy ticket Add to My Program
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