Leos Carax


Holy motors

The controversial French director captivated film critics with his short film, Strangulation Blues, the winner of the Hyères festival, in the early 1980s. In 1984, at the age of just twenty-four, he made his feature debut named Boy Meets Girl and immediately established his place among the most talented young directors of that time. Carax found his specific and unmistakable directing style even without any formal education. His films are visually refined to the smallest detail. He builds the atmosphere through spectacular visual style, and significantly loosens the traditional logic of a narrative. A frequent theme appearing in his work is to show the relationship between a man and a woman on an intellectual and emotional rather than physical level. Most of his films are to some extent provocative and playful, with a melancholically romantic worldview. Leos Carax has made only five feature films in the thirty years of his career.