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Febiofest Music Fest 2016 offers 31 bands and DJ’s

The Prague International Film Festival Febiofest 2016 will once again include a musical festival called Febiofest Music Fest, which will take place March 18-24 in the industrial premises of the CineStar cinemas garage in Prague - Andel.

Each of the seven evenings will be stylishly themed and devoted to one genre of music. We’ve prepared evenings of hip-hop, punk rock, pop, world music, metal music, and dance music for our festival visitors.

The list of bands and DJ’s is very diverse and will offer young and promising groups in combination with established acts such as Lipo, Vees, Queens of Everything, Paranoid, Cocotte Minute, Imodium, and Kieslowski.

This is an opportunity for Febiofest visitors to combine their cinema experience with music and fill the time between screenings, or spend the rest of the evening at the stage of the festival accompanied by the rhythms of known DJ’s and musical artists.

Admission to Febiofest Music Fest, where over the span of seven evenings a total of 31 bands, DJ’s, and music projects will perform, is free to the public.

18.3.2016 - Showmagazine Night
20:00 Like-it
“We would describe our music as melodic pop-rock with an emphasis on Czech lyrics. Some of our favorite films are The Untouchables, Cosy Dens, The Shawshank Redemption, and A Million Ways to Die in the West. We also enjoy film music and our favourite composers are Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone."
21:00 Jakub Děkan
Jakub Děkan
"I think my music has heart and soul. I love pop-rock ballads, but also classic funk. I love movies and I need a film to pull me in from beginning to end. From what I recently saw I liked The Story of a God-Father, Gangster Ka, Seven, Yes Man, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I find the soundtrack to Bobule absolutely amazing, I could listen to it all day.”
22:00 Lipo
“I would describe the music that I make as emotional, and perhaps something to make you think. Sometimes I consider film to be a leisurely affair, but other times it’s a pathway to knowledge. I prefer films from directors like Malick, Allen, Bergman, Kieslowski, Fellini, or Mann. I enjoy the music from Michael Nyman in the film Piano or Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman in The Last of the Mohicans.”
23:00 Dj Sakul
Dj Sakul
“Currently I'm playing urban music, hip hop, trap, drum’n’bass, house, and more commercial stuff. I try to rotate different styles according to the event I’m playing . I enjoy film a lot and I like going to the cinema. I am always interested in the latest films. Among my favourites are: Star Wars, Inglourious Basterds, and all Batman and comic book movies. I really enjoy the music of Quentin Tarantino’s films.”
19.3.2016 - Melody Promotions Night
“Our music is energetic and melodic with metal roots, it’s basically cross-over. Each of our members are influenced by different rock genres and bands. We all love the cinema and we enjoy everything from Tarantino and the newer Bond films. The guys from the band love soundtracks from Dangerous Liaisons, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Kill Bill. "
“Let’s just say we play punk-rock, but our way. They sometimes label us as the “Czech Civet”. We enjoy biographical films, documents, drama, black humour, but also films where you don’t have to think too much. We also enjoy classics like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, American History X, Inglorious Basterds, Corpse Bride, Mary and Max, but also Sex in the City and anything from Japanese studio Ghibli and American studio Pixar.”
“We play modern rock music with electronic elements and screamo. We love the films Blow, Avatar, Jurassic Park, Interstellar, The Pianist, Mad Max, and Pulp Fiction as well as music from Hans Zimmer, Max Richter, Audiomachine and Lisy Gerrard.”
23:00 VEES
“You can call our music rock’n’roll and we love film. We go to the cinema whenever we have a chance or we’ll watch movies online. Films give us musical inspiration as well. Music makes up %50 of a film and our favourite composers are Ennio Morricone, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer.”
20.3.2016 - Indies Scope Night
“We play independent music built around keys, drums, vocals, and trumpet. We love film and we enjoy strong ambiguous stories, inventive cinematography, Czech new wave, 70’s films, Dogma 95 etc. We even create alternative soundtracks for different types of performances live in mute and classic films. We find the film music of Sigur Ros, Tom Waits, Zdenek Liska, Francis Lai, and Burt Bacharach to be quite beautiful.”
“I would describe our music as urban folk, because everyone of our songs features “campfire” guitars… but imagine that the fire is somewhere in an apartment complex in Most (CZ city). Our love for film is obvious from our name. We all agreed on Krzysztof Kieslowski right from the start. Our first album Binoche was inspired by his film Blue. We have great admiration for filmmakers.”
“We play pop in a modern fashion, with roots in indie and synth pop. Film is a medium that can give music another dimension with the help of a good soundtrack. It’s a strong and fascinating thing. We love film and our favourite director is Christopher Nolan.”
“If we had to describe ourselves then I guess we could say we play songs that are inspired a little bit by folk, a little by rock, and we also like using electronic sounds. We enjoy films that aren’t musical… where someone is trying to accomplish something and in the end, it works out.”
21.3.2016 - Redhead Music Night
20:00 POKÁČ
“We play folk/folk-pop with an emphasis on intellectually ironic lyrics with a bit of humour and hyperbole. Some of favourite films star Zdeňek Svěrák, for example: Jáchyme hoď ho do stroje, The Elementary School, and Kolja. Also sitcoms, because films are too long… we enjoy Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Simpsons.”
21:00 DONAHA
“Our style closest resembles melodic pop-punk. After a stay in California, we’re trying to sing in English. We love films and most of all comedies such as Snowboarders, American Pie, Ted, Bad Neighbours, Dope, or Home Alone. But we also enjoy films like Pulp Fiction, Gladiator, and Forrest Gump.”
“The music that I play is an expression of myself, wether it be positive or negative, it’s me. I don’t watch TV, and I like to see films in the cinema. I like to support the film studios, and I especially enjoy the horror genre. I had the opportunity to see Hans Zimmer live and it was quite interesting. I believe music belongs in film.”
“I don’t know how to describe the music that I play. I prefer it be labeled by the people who listen to it, and for them to best describe the feelings they get from it. Once in a while I visit the cinema. Some of my favourite films are The Shawshank Redemption, Walk the Line, Disconnect, and Into the Wild. I really enjoy soundtracks from Thomas Newman and Max Richter.”
22.3.2016 - Let It Roll Night
“I play a variety of musical styles. From ambient to dark techno and deep drum’n’bass to dance music. It’s music that has atmosphere and energy. I enjoy films like Sanger fran andra vaningen, Blind, The Deep, In Bruges, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. I’m not a fan of Hollywood but I won’t say no to Star Wars.”
20:45 AKIRA
“My selection and style of mixing depends on the venue I’m playing, as well as the audience, but I primarily play drum’n’bass which can be easy, deep, sexy, funky, or hard and uncompromising. I love film as much as I love music. My favourites include Korean and Scandinavian cinematography and as far as Hollywood goes I enjoy directors Fincher, Nolan, Tarantino, and Inarritu.”
“I play dance oriented drum’n’bass with funky elements, vocals, and a harder sound… but nothing too hardcore. I definitely enjoy film a lot, but I’m not always in the mood for it, so I also enjoy TV shows. I really liked The Green Mile, Shutter Island, and The Pursuit of Happyness. Sometimes I enjoy the music more than the film itself. I was blown away by the Drive soundtrack, which was written by Kavinsky.”
“My music is very colourful and constantly changing. Rolling like a wave and all consuming. Mixed in a way that it gives you joy, insightfulness, and energizes you while detaching you from reality. I enjoy films without embellishment or cliches, and ones that touch upon strong themes and ideas. I have never been let down by our local director David Ondříček and as far as worldwide releases go I enjoyed Trainspotting, Wings of Desire, Requiem for a Dream, Kill Bill, American Beauty, and Forrest Gump.”
23:15 SUKI
“My music is a variety of different moods and beats that are connected with big energy. You can’t stand still while listening to it. I enjoy watching films regularly, but mostly in the comfort of my home. I’m a big sci-fi and fantasy fan and I enjoy films that are well thought out and have a complex storyline. I love scenic and atmospheric music, ideally the type that gives you goosebumps all over your body. My favourite composers are Craig Armstrong and Elliot Goldenthal.”
23.3.2016 - Rock&All Night
19:00 CETI
“We play robust, hard, and heavy rock music influenced by good old fashioned rock’n’roll all connected with a joy for life. We are fans of Polish cinematography from the years 45/75 and also enjoy films from masters such as Tarantino, Guy Richie, and Terry Gilliam.”
20:00 HANTA
“Hanta brings exciting and hard thrash metal with roots from the 80’s, played with immense drive and energy. The band’s philosophy is very close to that of films from Quentin Tarantino. As far as film music goes, Hanty’s favourite composer is Ennio Morricone.”
“Our music can be described as loud, melodic, guitar-oriented, dirty, nice, and honest. Film is relaxing for us, it gives us a break from things and we enjoy movies with Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp. To hear a symphonic orchestra play iconic melodies and arrangements from equally iconic films is an indescribable experience.”
“We play loud verses for everyone lost in today’s world and we very much enjoy film, but we don’t like going to the cinema much. People there eat chips and distract from the viewing experience. One release that we find noteworthy is Stalker, and that explains a lot about us. An essential soundtrack for us is Judgement Night.”
23:00 X-CORE
“For some we are hardcore, for others metal core, but for us it’s all clones of hard guitar music put together…that’s why we use the name X-CORE. We absolutely love film and you can hear our song Black Market Soul on the soundtrack of the notable film Lidice. We enjoy classic action films like The Last Boy Scout, Die Hard, Rocky, and The Terminator.”
24.3.2016 - Mighty Sounds Night
“Our music is a blend of rock’n’roll, grunge, and funk. We really enjoy film and especially musicals such as Grease, Hair, Saturday Night Fever, Into the Wild and Moulin Rouge as well as biographical films. We also enjoy composers such as Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone.”
“We play dark stadium pop about love, blood, sex, and danger. Aside from a few exceptions, we enjoy classic films from a different time period where actors such as Marlon Brando, Robert Mitchum, Humphrey Bogart, Gregory Peck and Peter O’Toole graced the silver screen.”
“Thunders play rude and rowdy rock’n’roll mixed with punk rock, metal, country, a hint of blues, and stoner rock. Many of our songs have an atmosphere that can be found in American road movies. We enjoy classics like Wild One, Vanishing Point, Born Losers, Easy Rider, Death Race 2000, Death Proof, and Convoy.”
“Our music is a mix of punk rock, hardcore, old rock’n’roll, and hard rock. We love films, some of them even inspire our lyrics, especially old B-movies. We currently enjoy films from Tarantino, comedies by Oldřich Lipský, new wave czech films from the 60’s, and Woody Allen films.”
“We play stuff that is more for dancing than listening. According to our band the ideal film would be as follows: Fantozzi arrives in the Millennium Falcon somewhere in Scandinavia and fights an army of zombies to a soundtrack by Morricone. All of this in an alternative version of the present.”
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