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The topic of “refugees” is highly relevant, but this section would not come to life without the films that focus on it. Because quite some time is necessary for creating a feature film, they do not address the last year's refugee influx yet, but they reflect the situation that has existed for years. Rebecca Cremona, a young Maltese director, was inspired by a real tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea for her debut, Simshar. Jonas Carpignano's Mediterranea follows African immigrants in Italy where they have survived in degrading conditions for years. Rising Voices is a claustrophobic drama of a group of refugees who start a hunger-strike in an effort to obtain asylum. Fallow, an almost experimental debut shot on location in a camp in Calais, offers an original version of the refugee issue turned upside down. We understand the topic of “refugees” in our selection in a wider context. The White Knights by the famous Joachim Lafoss reconstructs real events of 2007, when a group of humanitarian workers, despite the best intentions, got entangled in a strange situation with African orphans whom they wanted to transport to Europe for adoption. Fishing Without Nets focuses on Somali piracy. Cutter Hodieme, an American director, presents an incredibly authentic, compelling, almost a documentary picture of a collapsing country where one cannot live anymore, only escape. A flight for a better life to other, more free countries meanders throughout human history (including Czechoslovak history). The protagonists of All Three of Us were forced to flee Iran for France. The directorial debut of a renowned French comedian, Kheiron, describes his family's story with refreshing humour. Cowboys, the directorial debut of Thomas Bidegain, the writer of Jacques Audiard's acclaimed films, is certainly one of the most interesting French films from last year's Cannes. The lives of a father and a son are irrevocably changed by the daughter's (and sister's) escape with a Muslim fundamentalist. Inside the Cell is another controversial French film, reacting to the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo. The movie's young protagonists from a jihadist cell are related to the topic of refugees from the opposite perspective, as the radical attitudes and questions remain in the public eye in near future. These films do not judge, nor do they offer any quick solutions; however, they offer an image of the world we live in.
Cowboys / Les Cowboys / Kovbojové (France, Belgium) Director: Thomas Bidegain (Refugees )
Fallow / Brak / Úhor (Belgium) Director: Laurent Van Lancker (Refugees )
Fishing Without Nets / Fishing Without Nets / Rybaření bez sítí (USA, Kenya, Somalia) Director: Cutter Hodierne (Refugees )
Inside the Cell / Made in France / Skrytá válka (France) Director: Nicolas Boukhrief (Refugees )
Mediterranea / Mediterranea / Mediterranea (Italy, France, USA, Germany, Qatar) Director: Jonas Carpignano (Refugees )
Rising Voices / Le chant des hommes / Lidské volání (Belgium (Wallonia - Brussels), Luxembourg, France) Director: Bénédicte Liénard, Mary Jiménez (Refugees )
Simshar / Simshar / Simshar (Malta) Director: Rebecca Cremona (Refugees )
The White Knights / Les chevaliers blancs / Bílí rytíři (Belgium (Wallonia - Brussels), France) Director: Joachim Lafosse (Refugees )
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