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Another Shore
The following dozen of new queer films from around the world offers an exciting mix of genres and themes, as queer cinema continues to explore a wider range of topics from bold perspectives. In several titles, queer characters find themselves shaped by larger socio-political issues. Oriented follows three gay Palestinian men living in Tel Aviv and their struggle for change. In Summertime, the feminist movement of liberal Paris of the early 70’s is in stark contrast to the status quo of the French countryside, as two women from these opposing worlds fall in love. In Nasty Baby, a tale of three hip Brooklynites trying to have a child turns into an exploration of race and gentrification. Naz & Maalik, on the other hand, portrays a budding romance between two Muslim boys, who become subjects of FBI surveillance because of their religion. Theo and Hugo tells the story of two young men who fall in love in a Parisian sex club, but then have to deal with the consequences of their desires. A number of films tackle themes of coming of age, family relationships and personal identity. While Big Father, Small Father looks at the subject of adolescence in 90’s Vietnam, Brazilian Seashore deals with the fragile complexities of teenage friendships. The moving Havana-set drama Viva is as much about a difficult father - son relationship, as it is about finding one’s voice in life. In the British debut Departure, the main character’s first infatuation with another boy is set against the breakdown of his parents’ marriage, both events signalling the foretold departure from the innocence of childhood. The Canadian feature Closet Monster skilfully addresses the theme of internalised homophobia and results in one of the most fascinating and visually striking coming out films of recent years. Finally, two action-packed feel-good features are sure to provoke laughter and tension in equal measures. Australian All About E follows a superstar DJ on her journey to win back the love of her life. And Dyke Hard, a girl rock band road movie from Sweden, takes us on a madly subversive, genre-blending, gender-bending queer ride.
All about E / All about E / Vše o E (Australia) Director: Louise Wadley (Another Shore )
Departure / Departure / Odjezd (United Kingdom, France) Director: Andrew Steggall (Another Shore )
Dyke Hard / Dyke Hard / Dyke Hard (Sweden) Director: Bitte Andersson (Another Shore )
Nasty Baby / Nasty Baby / Ošklivé dítě (USA) Director: Sebastián Silva (Another Shore )
Naz & Maalik / Naz & Maalik / Naz & Maalik (USA) Director: Jay Dockendorf (Another Shore )
Oriented / Oriented / Zaměření (Israel, United Kingdom) Director: Jake Witzenfeld (Another Shore )
Paris 05:59 / Théo et Hugo dans le même bateau / Théo a Hugo (France) Director: Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau (Another Shore )
Seashore / Beira-mar / Pobřeží (Brazil) Director: Filipe Matzembacher, Marcio Reolon (Another Shore )
Summertime / La belle saison / Léto (France) Director: Catherine Corsini (Another Shore )
Viva / Viva / Viva (Ireland, Cuba) Director: Paddy Breathnach (Another Shore )
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