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Made in USA
The opening film of Febiofest is Carol, a romance about the relationship of two women in 1950’s America, an adaptation of a novel by Patricia Highsmith, whose books were the basis of Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr. Ripley. The independent film, produced by Killer Films - a key company of the American indie scene – and directed by Todd Haynes, has been acknowledged as one of the most awarded films of 2015 since its premiere in the main competition in Cannes, and is nominated for Oscars for not only both leading actresses, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, but also for the exceptional retro costume design and Ed Lachman's cinematography, which helped Haynes create an illusion of the 1950s previously in his successful melodrama, Far from Heaven. The Witch delves much deeper into a fictional history of the USA. Centred around a female protagonist as well, the film examines the deeply ingrained prejudices of the Puritan era, which directly preceded the Salem witch trials. The atmosphere of horror utterly enchanted the Sundance festival. Recent events which shook the general public are depicted in two dramas. Concussion focuses on the efforts of a Nigerian doctor (Will Smith) to prove that the NFL jeopardizes its players' health. In Spotlight, a team of journalists uncovers a widespread scandal of child abuse by Catholic priests under the silent watch of the Church itself – exposed by the Boston Globe in 2003. It is this refined journalist drama that many critics consider the favourite to win the Oscar. This year's Academy Awards are marred by the controversy of lacking racial variation among the nominees, symbolised by #oscarssowhite. This uniformity is certainly disrupted by hip hop drama Licks, and even more so by the energetic, dirty and ground-breaking Christmas comedy, Tangerine, about a duo of furious trans prostitutes in a Hollywood ghetto. Shot on an iPhone, the film enchanted both Sundance and Karlovy Vary and the two non-actresses in leading roles became the discovery of the year. Charlie Kaufman's stop-motion Anomalisa, about an inspirational speaker who loses interest in the world as well as in people, brings a more melancholic flavour. Mr Holmes introduces what will probably be the very last case of Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Bill Condon, Ian McKellen portrays the legendary detective fighting his own declining memory.
Anomalisa / Anomalisa / Anomalisa (USA) Director: Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson (Made in USA )
Carol / Carol / Carol (United Kingdom, USA) Director: Todd Haynes (Made in USA )
Concussion / Concussion / Diagnóza: Šampión (United Kingdom, Australia, USA) Director: Peter Landesman (Made in USA )
Licks / Licks / Licks (USA) Director: Jonathan Singer-Vine (Made in USA )
Mr. Holmes / Mr. Holmes / Mr. Holmes (United Kingdom, USA) Director: Bill Condon (Made in USA )
Spotlight / Spotlight / Spotlight (USA) Director: Tom McCarthy (Made in USA )
Tangerine / Tangerine / Transdarinka (USA) Director: Sean Baker (Made in USA )
The Witch / The Witch / Čarodějnice (Canada, USA) Director: Robert Eggers (Made in USA )
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