Mustang / Mustang / Mustang

Deniz Gamze Ergüven
Director: Deniz Gamze Ergüven
Cast list: Gunes Sensoy, Dogba Doguslu, Tugba Sunguroglu, Elit Iscan, Ilayda Akdogan
Screenplay: Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Alice Winocour
Director of Photography: David Chizallet
Editor: Mathilde Van de Moortel
Music: Warren Ellis
Producer: Charles Gillibert
Sales: Film Distribution Artcam s.r.o.
Print source: Film Distribution Artcam s.r.o.
Country: Turkey, France, Qatar, Germany
Year: 2015
Running time (min.): 94
Presentation format: 2k digital
Language: Turkish
Subtitles: Czech
Movie synopsis: One of last year's most praised European films, both by critics and audiences, begins on a beautiful sunny afternoon when five sisters, still in their school uniforms, frolic on a beach with their classmates. The spontaneous, innocent splashing and teasing in the sea in northern Turkey has brutal consequences. The girls' grandmother and uncle decide to practically imprison the sisters in the house for their own good, allowing them to leave only as brides in arranged marriages. Director Deniz Gamze Ergüven elegantly captures the women's growing up face to face with a traditional society in the multi-layered, fresh and mercilessly sincere story about rebellion. Her debut is inspired by her own experiences.
Awards and Nominations:
César 2016 - Best First Feature Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Original Music
LUX - European Film Awards 2015
Sarajevo IFF 2015 – Best Film, Best Actress
Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2015 – Official Selection
Thessaloniki IFF 2015 – Audience Award

Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang Mustang
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Velvyslanectví Turecké republiky
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