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World Cinema Panorama
World Panorama will travel all over the globe once again, with the exception of Asia and North America whose representatives are included in different sections. The most represented cinema this year is British. It's interesting to note that all the films from the UK return to more or less distant history. Director Mike Leigh, who visited Febiofest in 2009, is touring festivals worldwide with his latest opus, Mr Turner. Lead actor, Timothy Spall, won the prize for Best Actor in Cannes. In the second film he directed, Alan Rickman takes us even further back in history, to France during the reign of Louis XIV. A Little Chaos takes us to Versailles where two royal gardeners compete for the favour of the Sun King. A star of British cinema, director John Boorman, presents a sequel to his iconic Hope and Glory, and he commemorates the 1950s when he served in the army in Queen and Country. The story of an American student, Amanda Knox, who was charged with her roommate's murder, inspired Michael Winterbottom to make a fictional story, The Face of an Angel, where he brings together a young journalist and a documentarist who wants to make a documentary about the case.
What would be World Cinema Panorama like without the cinematic superpower of France? Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano are a directing duo who will offer Samba, where an immigration officer (Charlotte Gainsbourg) tries to prevent the deportation of an immigrant from Mali. The journey through world cinema continues with the Spanish film, Magical Girl by Carlos Vermut, a film awarded many prizes at the San Sebastian festival, a spellbinding Polish opus called The Mighty Angel by Wojciech Smarzowski, and Hungarian “pusta western”, Mirage, which offers a symbolic return of the star of last year’s Febiofest, Isaach de Bankolé, who portrays a corrupt African professional footballer on the run. The World Panorama will truly take you around the world!
The Dead Lands / The Dead Lands / Krajina smrti (New Zealand, United Kingdom) Director: Toa Fraser (World Cinema Panorama )
Difret / Difret / Difret (Ethiopia) Director: Zeresenay Berhane Mehari (World Cinema Panorama )
The Face of an Angel / The Face of an Angel / S tváří anděla (United Kingdom, Italy, Spain) Director: Michael Winterbottom (World Cinema Panorama )
Foreign Body / Obce Cialo / Cizí těleso (Poland, Italy, Russia) Director: Krzysztof Zanussi (World Cinema Panorama )
Gaamer / Gaamer / Hráč (Ukraine) Director: Oleg Sentsov (World Cinema Panorama )
Gods / Bogowie / Bohové (Poland) Director: Łukasz Palkowski (World Cinema Panorama )
Magical Girl / Magical Girl / Magická dívka (Spain, France) Director: Carlos Vermut (World Cinema Panorama )
Mirage / Délibáb / Přelud (Hungary, Slovakia) Director: Szabolcs Hajdu (World Cinema Panorama )
Mr. Turner / Mr. Turner / Mr. Turner (United Kingdom, France, Germany) Director: Mike Leigh (World Cinema Panorama )
Queen & Country / Queen & Country / Za vlast a královnu (United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Romania) Director: John Boorman (World Cinema Panorama )
Samba / Samba / Samba (France) Director: Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache (World Cinema Panorama )
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