30. 3. 2014

Powerplay won the "You're the filmmaker" competition

Of the finalists in the competition, You are the Filmmaker! - all of whom submitted films shot on mobile phones or tablet – the First Prize goes to Powerplay, which was jointly directed by Barbora Skoumalová, Agatha Paličková and Petr Polak.

"Powerplay is a strong statement about human relationships and materialism, a very thoughtful and universal theme. The truth of the narrative of young filmmakers hit us, "said the international jury composed of Srdan Golubovic (Serbia), Yariw Horowitz (Israel) and Olivier van der Zee (Netherlands / Spain). The prize includes also technique with editing software. The filmmakers receive the prize at the Closing Ceremonies. The movies Survivor and Myself received special recognition in the competition. According to the jury they are "visually powerful works that reflect the post-communist period and the personal efforts of filmmakers find in this new world in its place."

here is the list of 6 movies that made it to the finals:

Powerplay (Barbora Skoumalová, Agáta Paličková, Petr Polák)

The short film was shot on iPhone. It shows simple archetypal scenes of social rising through a successful firm, gampling and a hard failure.

How I destroyed Paris (Jan Zykán)

Monstrfilm of one room a.k.a. the clouds are gathering above the Eiffel tower.

Himself (Tomáš Fišer)

How a man can be himself in the daily circle of life? is the question of this showrt movie shot on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Survivor (Ondřej Bojo)

4 minutes movie looks at the main hero from a funny perspective, which is transmitted to the viewer by clever cuts.

Bad Choice (Tomáš Krajča)

Film with and excellent ending point..

The Little Schizonautismus (Michal Šteflovič)

A little nightmare

This year's competition was quite the success and the film entries were of high quality. We will run the competition also next year at the 22nd edition of Febiofest.

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