18. 3. 2014

New Europe Competition enters the 7th year!

This marks the seventh year for the competition to win the Grand Prix of Febiofest. The entries are the 12 films that make up the New Europe section.

What is the competition?

The competition consists of the first or second films created by emerging talent from European countries. The winning filmmaker will receive €5,000 and another €5,000 will serve as an incentive to a potential distributor in the Czech Republic.

You can see a list of the winners from previous years here.

The New Europe section will offer the testimony of a generation: a portrait of a young woman from a Muslim family who wants to lead an independent life (Norwegian I am Yours), a report on teenage discovery of sex (Belgian Puppy Love), a traumatizing memory of military service (Israeli Rock the Casbah) or of a brother who succumbed to drugs (Dutch Heroin). New filmmakers also typically depict the world through a child's eyes, as in a return to the end of the World War II (German Wolf Children). Others want to dive directly into genre cinema, as is the case of a group of enthusiasts from Cardiff, Wales (the sci-fi The Machine proves that good ideas are sometimes more than a load of money). There are also filmmakers who explore various aspects of life from a much wider perspective, for example the consequences of false prejudices which the society easily adopts (Finnish Princess of Egypt), the moral impact of informants' activities during communism (Romanian Roxanne), or the curse of a life imprisoned within one’s own physical handicap (Polish Life Feels Good). We can also find filmmakers who know that humor is not only the spice of life, but also of a good film – either a humorous understanding of human weakness (Swedish Home), or parodying their own cultural stereotypes (French 2 Autumns, 3 Winters), or sharp black humor (Italian-Slovenian Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot).

 Whoever wins, we believe that our 33-member audience jury will decide well.

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