18. 2. 2014

This year's Febiofest features 5 films which have been nominated for Oscars!

Without doubt there will be a lot of films with awards at the 21st edition of Febiofest in Prague. Among them you will be able to see 5 films that have won an Academy Award nomination.


Winner: Best Animated Film (Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho)

              Best Song - Let It Go (Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez)

Co-Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, as well as songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez walk off with two Oscars for their story about Sisters Elsa and Anna, who enjoy an idyllic life in the enchanted kingdom ruled by their parents until Elsa's magical ability to create ice and snow around her proves a threat to those she loves. Emerging for her own coronation after several years of self-imposed isolation, Elsa flees her home in distress when her uncontrollable powers transform the kingdom into a frozen realm.


Winner: Best Original Screenplay (Spike Jonze)

Spike Jonze, the director of such remarkable films as Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, decided to utilize his own script about a strange romance set in the not-so-distant future. Theodore, a lonely newly divorced man, purchases a new phone operating system, which has, according to the advertising, its own intelligence. Theodore gets to know the artificial voice of Samantha who soon becomes more than a voice recording. A friendship develops and changes into love. “Love is just a form of socially acceptable madness,” says Theodore's neighbor, Amy, and Jonze has managed to shoot a seemingly banal story of passion between a man and a machine almost flawlessly. This essay on humanity, love, and technology received the Golden Globe for the Best Screenplay and five Academy Award nominations including Best Motion Picture. 


Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) is an old man with developing dementia who leaves his home in Montana to collect his Mega-Millions Sweepstakes prize in Nebraska. His son joins him on his trip to get the illusory millions, and he gradually uncovers the secrets of the father's past as they get waylaid in the small town where his father grew up. A nostalgic ode to life's slow tempo and to the American Midwest simultaneously offers an insight into the fading memories and persistant dreams of a stubborn old man. The black-and-white road trip of a father and a son to their mutual understanding has been nominated for 6 Oscars this year, including Best Actor (Dern), Best Director (Alexander Payne) and Best Supporting Actress (June Squibb).

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

The biographical film, based on Mandela's autobiography, presents the life of the freedom fighter from his childhood to the historical moment when he was elected the president of South Africa. Idris Elba was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role of Mandela. Dlouhá anotace: Nelson Mandela has already become a worldwide legend– a fighter against apartheid who spent 27 years in prison and then became the President of South Africa, reconciling the adverse sides of the black and white populations. Director Justin Chadwick based the film on an adaptation of Mandela's autobiography from 1994, thus focusing on the period from his childhood through the period of boxing enthusiasm, legal battles, and the moment of becoming a freedom fighter and being imprisoned by the regime for many years. Mandela's political foresight comes to the fore after his release from prison, when he transforms the rule of a minority into a democratic state as the very first black president. U2's song, Ordinary Love has been nominated for the Oscar for Best Song.

The Invisible Woman

Aging Nelly (Felicity Jones) is a happily married, quiet and ordinary Victorian lady. Yet her past shines with the memory of a forbidden and fatal romance with one of the greatest writers of his times, Charles Dickens (Ralph Fiennes). The literary genius is a very complicated man; moreover, he's been married for many years and is always in the spotlight owing to his fame. Nelly is thus forced to hide constantly despite the intensity of their mutual feelings, and they both can escape her “invisibility” only on a theatre stage. Ralph Fiennes has made a spellbinding biographical drama with excellent acting performances and an elaborate visual side. The film has been nominated for the Oscar for Best Costume Design.

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