13. 2. 2014

Can’t wait for Febiofest? Come to the preview screening

While you're waiting for Febiofest, we have a sneak preview screening of the new Finnish movie, 8-ball. Admission is free and there will be a chance to win tickets to Opening Night!

The emotional drama was shot by a Finnish director Aku Louhimies, who visited Febiofest last year and introduced his film Naked Harbor. In 2013, he made a movie set in the drug world, 8-ball, and you can see a sneak preview with free admission on February 25th.

It tells the story of Pike, a young girl, played by Jessica Grabowsky, who after her release from prison, is looking for ways to get back on track while taking care of her child. Her efforts, however, are disrupted by both her former drug addiction and narcotics department officers. 

Take part in the competition

The preview screening will also feature a competition for attendees. Audience members will have a chance to win two tickets to the Opening Ceremony of Febiofest which will be held on March 20th, 2014.

3 winners will have the chance to see the Opening Night Film of this year’s festival they will be invited to join the Gala Reception at the Municipal House in Prague .

The preview screening will be on February 25th, 2014 at 19:00 in Hall # 4 of Cinestar Anděl in Prague.

We look forward to seeing you. And one more thing: the screening is free until all the seats are taken. So better come early.

The screening will have English subtitles.

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