Quick Change / Quick Change

Eduardo Roy, Jr. Director: Eduardo Roy, Jr.
Cast list: Mimi Juareza, Jun-Jun Quitana, Miggs Cuaderno, Natashia Yumi
Screenplay: Eduardo Roy, Jr.
Director of Photography: Dan Villegas
Editor: Fiona Borres
Music: Teressa Barroso
Producer: Ferdinand Lapuz
Distribution: Ignatius Films
Rights: Ignatius Films
Country: Philippines
Year: 2013
Running time: 98
Presentation format: 2k digital
Subtitles: English
Movie synopsis: Girls in Manila’s transgender community make their living by competing at beauty pageants or performing in talent shows. Their looks are all they have, and to reach perfection they seek help from ‘doctor’ Dorina. Herself a former entertainer, Dorina injects collagen into various parts of their bodies, as demand for her unlicensed cosmetic procedures rises. But when her boyfriend Uno falls in love with another trans woman, and complications arise among one of her clients, uncovering the dark side of her illicit cosmetic business, Dorina must reconsider her life choices. In his urgent yet kindhearted portrait of a society obsessed with youth and beauty, Eduardo Roy Jr. explores the pressures imposed on transgender women with striking authenticity.
Awards and Nominations: Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival (2013) - Special Jury Prize, Best Screenplay, Best Actor

Quick Change Quick Change Quick Change
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