Bull Running in Pamplona 3D / Encierro

Olivier van der Zee Director: Olivier van der Zee
Cast list: Miguel Ángel Eguíluz, Miguel Reta, Joe Distler, Noel Chandler, Paco Sánchez, Javier Solano, Julen Madina, Juan Antonio Jimeno
Screenplay: Olivier van der Zee
Director of Photography: Enrique Urdánoz
Editor: Olivier van der Zee
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Producer: Enrique Urdanoz, Maria Cabanas, Jose Luis Rubio
Distribution: D4D Ingenieria Visual
Rights: D4D Ingenieria Visual
Country: Spain
Year: 2012
Running time: 80
Presentation format: 2k digital 3D
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: Thousands of people come to the streets of Pamplona every year to succeed in one of the most dangerous runs of honor with a bull at your back. The passion for this unique challenge, which is connected with the annual celebration of Saint Fermin, is passed from one generation to another in Spain. This holiday of bulls in the streets tests courage, pride and luck of men dressed in red and white, who perceive the adrenaline event involving provoking the bull as a question of personal honor. The documentary combines interviews with veterans as well as with amateur runners about their thorough physical and mental preparation preceding the run for their lives, and archival materials describing the roots and meaning of this festive event.
Awards and Nominations: Warsaw IFF (2013) – In Competition (Documentary Films)

Bull Running in Pamplona 3D Bull Running in Pamplona 3D Bull Running in Pamplona 3D Bull Running in Pamplona 3D
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