Liar's Dice / Liar's Dice

Geethu Mohandas Director: Geethu Mohandas
Cast list: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Geetanjali Thapa, Manya Gupta, Vikram Bhagra, Murari Kumar
Screenplay: Geethu Mohandas
Director of Photography: Rajeev Ravi
Editor: Ajithkumar
Music: John Bosters
Producer: Alan McAlex, Ajay Rai
Distribution: Pascale Ramonda
Rights: Pascale Ramonda
Country: India
Year: 2013
Running time: 103
Presentation format: 2k digital
Language: Hindi, Hlmachali
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: An actress and scriptwriter, Geetu Mohandas has chosen the photogenic exteriors of her native India for her feature debut, and has set the simple story in cruelly beautiful nature and overpopulated cities. A poor young woman, with her daughter in her arms, meets a shady rascal on her way to find a possibly dead, possibly cheating husband. The journey's dangerous conditions make them allies for the time being. Yet instead of the motive of understanding between two lost souls, Mohandas offers a struggle of individualities in which compassion and trust may turn fatal. The film provides a testimony to the merciless everyday reality of “poor” India, where just a hint of emancipation might be crushed by a man's single gesture.
Awards and Nominations: Sundance Film Festival (2014) – In Competition

Liar's Dice Liar's Dice Liar's Dice
26.03.2014 / 16:15 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 7, Graffitti networks     buy ticket
27.03.2014 / 21:15 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 7, Graffitti networks     buy ticket
28.03.2014 / 14:15 Praha |CineStar Anděl, # 7, Graffitti networks     buy ticket
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