Heroin / Heroin

René Houwen Director: René Houwen
Cast list: Mads Wittermans, Eva Puschendorf, Saro Paradiso, Agnes Frijlink, Marten Westerveen, Kirsten Krans, Roger Goudsmit, Theo de Groot, Gonnie Tutelaers, Karl Huisman, Ellen van der Graaf
Screenplay: René Houwen
Director of Photography: Thijs Gloger
Editor: Thijs Gloger
Music: Gerry Arling
Producer: Rene Houwen
Distribution: Schaftkip Films
Rights: Schaftkip Films
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2013
Running time: 87
Presentation format: HD Cam
Language: Dutch, German
Subtitles: Czech, English
Movie synopsis: Jos is irredeemably addicted to drugs. His mornings usually start with waking up in a homeless shelter. He spends the rest of the day wandering through the streets of Groningen, picking pockets and using alcohol, cigarettes or heroin. But today is supposed to be different. Jos will try to get his girlfriend back once again and put an end to his desolate lifestyle. The low-budget film is the feature debut of Dutch filmmaker, Rene Houwen. It was created under the auspices of the independent company, Shaftkip Films, which was founded by Rene Houwen, himself and his creative partner, Thijs Gloger. Their cooperation started in 2009 with Holland, a film directed by Thijs Gloger.

Heroin Heroin Heroin Heroin
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